RANT!!! Why Niche Website Marketing Gets A Bad Name

I usually don’t like to rant like this… but while doing research for a future post for this site, I was looking through Flippa at “Adsense monetized” sites, which are traditionally niche websites, and I stumbled across this site. Before I go to deep, you should know that this site was sold at auction for over $350… which isn’t too bad.  Especially when you consider that it was likely just whipped together. Here is a picture and link to the actual auction, but please come back… don’t get lost on Flippa!

Flippa Auction

Link To Flippa Auction

Thanks for coming back.  Here is why I am ranting.  If you look at this website, it is literally one of the worst sites I have ever seen!!  Somehow, according to the auction listing… this is a PR2 site, and actually gets google organic traffic!!

Meanwhile, I struggle to get ANY organic traffic at all from google for this site (thats another post for the near future) while trying to provide the best content I can.  What is big G thinking?  So lets just look at a few of the issues with this website.

  1. PrettyLadySmiles.com is apparently “targeted to solving many major problems that women face in their lives”.  Yet, their main headline on the site is some jibberish about “Tips for Purchasing the Operating Footwears For Women”.   But what does the domain name hae to do with any of the this??  Now that is Quality Contents!! 😉
  2. There is a ridiculous amount of misspellings and hideous english.  One of my favorites is in their something about us section on the homepage that says, “To know more information take a look of site :)”  What the heck does that mean???  Perhaps I should call the phone number right underneath it?
  3. If you are daring enough to scroll down, you will see a “Subscribe Us” button!!  yeah, im sure that won’t be spamming the hell out of anyone dumb enough to do it.
  4. In fairness, I will admit I did read through the masturbation techniques for women post and literally laughed out loud at the names of the techniques.
  5. Once I was done laughing at the above post… I figured it was time to get serious, so I went to the money link.  Boy, was I pleased with the results.  I saw the wonderfully worded “small buisness for simple woman” post.  Yep, it does take a simple woman to digest all the content on that page (1 paragraph that kind of fades away into nothing).
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Here is my point…

YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO SIT BACK AND WATCH ANYMORE!!   If this person can slap together this awful piece of junk and actually sell it for over $350 on flippa, what the heck is keeping you from building your own niche site?  Most people are worried about not being creative enough, clever enough, daring enough, fill in your excuse here enough to start… and then they get frustrated when they see someone less talented having success.  Well, here is a perfect example of someone having success with zero talent, content, command of the english language, good judgement, etc.  So GET STARTED NOW!!!  But please, do a better job than this clown so I don’t have to write a rant about your niche website 🙂

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