What Is A Niche Site and Why Build Them?

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Niche SiteWhat Is A Niche Site?

A niche site is a small website built around a very specific topic or group.  Niche sites are usually built by people similar to you who are looking to make money through high traffic and monetization of that traffic.  The reason these sites have success is because they can be built quickly, cheaply, and still deliver valuable content to someone looking for specific content.  Just about anyone can build these types of sites… and usually that person will have at least one of the following characteristics.  How many of these do you have?

  1. Don’t have a lot of free time
  2. Don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new business
  3. Don’t know how to code a website.
  4. Don’t have a very specific passion already to follow
  5. Know there is lots of money to be made out there, but aren’t sure how to make it.
  6. A jack of many trades, but most importantly a master of none.
  7. Want to work from home or from a beach
  8. Want to earn a passive income with little to no work

Why Build Niche Sites?

If you have any of those characteristics, niche sites are a great fit for you.  Why?  Because most of you reading this have almost all of those characteristics… but what you lack is the follow through to make it happen.  Now, don’t get angry, I’m not here to call anyone lazy.  Most people are very intimidated about building websites because of many of those “don’ts” and you aren’t alone.  Why build them?  I had little to no experience building websites before I started to.   The great thing is, that with less than $50, and sometimes way less, you can have a website built and content written and begin making money within literally days!!  The beauty is, if you can make $50 during the course of the next year on that site… its profitable!  Then you just simply need to rinse and repeat.

Location, Location, Location?  Or Action, Quality, Volume!!

Personally, I think it is much less about location and much more about taking action, providing quality, and then repeating the process to create volume.  Take James Patterson, who is one of the best selling authors in the world today.  He doesn’t write #1 sellers usually, but what he does do is produce!  He produces tons of books, that are all decent quality, and then he produces more.  Yes, he has partners that are probably ghost writing most of the content for him… but you can too!  When building niche sites its not about having the best domain name in the world, and its not about having the best looking website or the best content on that topic.  Its about providing value to a user that is interested in that topic.  Its not about being #1 for trains… its about being number #1 for people that are searching for model train water. (Yes, that is one of my sites, and I will be sharing projects with you in just about every project because I feel that being transparent is the best way to teach).  So don’t be overwhelmed thinking you can’t build the next facebook, because more than likely, you can’t!!  But who cares!  You can still build a substantial business with just a few hours per day and the willingness to take action.  How much money you make will depend solely on you!!  If you want to work hard, there is literally nothing to stop you.  All you will need to do is follow a simple plan that I will be laying out for you and then reap the profits.

As always, thanks for visiting and stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to build niche sites and all the results from the websites that I am building.