Welcome To The Brand New Niche Site U

Hi all,

You may notice another test I am running… I have changed my domain to Niche Site U dot com!!  Under the old website, I wasn’t getting any organic traffic, at all.  I’m not talking about not getting keyword data because of Google’s efforts to not share what keywords are driving traffic to your site… Im saying I was getting zero traffic from the google’s search engine.  Luckily, thanks to visitors like you, I still get a decent amount of traffic visiting the site… but no love from Google.

So, I am conducting an experiment.  I 301’d all the old posts to this site, and will be waiting to see if I start ranking and generating traffic.  (Believe it or not, it already has improved).  One of the keywords I target went from being unranked to #87 already, so hopefully this will payoff for all my keywords.

The most puzzling/annoying part is that most websites get long tail traffic of some sort, and usually my targeted keywords only bring in about 20-30% of the overall organic traffic.  Again, I was getting zero visits from google for any keywords.

If this pays off, I will eventually get a custom design and spruce this place up… but for now, I am just seeing how things go.

Stay tuned for updates.



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