What is the State of Google Search? Amazon Influencer Business Breakdown and A Mai Tai Niche Site

Want an in-depth look and summary of the key findings from Semrush’s State of Search 2023 report?
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Spencer and Jared sit down today to discuss it all, sharing key insights that are sure to help site owners and niche site enthusiasts in all sorts of ways concerning:

– Niche traffic trends

– The number of new sites indexed

– Google Update and search volatility trends

– Important CTR data

And more.

Plus, they highlight some interesting findings in the report about the differences between paid and organic traffic.

The conversation then shifts gears to discuss their side hustles. Spencer shares how his Amazon influencer project is going, including diving into some of the numbers and discussing whether it’s likely to be a profitable niche pursuit.

Jared also touches on one of his side hustle successes, discussing how he reached 1000 email newsletter subscribers in just 8 weeks.

And of course, they dive into interesting niche site finds, including BetterSheets.co, a site that offers a course on how to use Google Sheets that is making over $100,000 a year.

And a Mai Tai niche site that documents different types of Mai Tais from around the world, including recipes and history.

The guys suggest potential ways to expand the site, such as creating a directory of Mai Tai bars in Hawaii and other ways to better monetize the site.

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So make sure to listen to the full episode to gain lots of valuable info to help you kick off a productive weekend.

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00:00 – Intro
01:52 – Semrush’s State of Search 2023 Report
02:42 – Search Traffic Fluctuations by Niche
07:25 – New Domains Ranking
12:36 – Google Update Trends
16:59 – CTR Data
23:24 – Amazon Influencer Program
32:10 – Jared’s Email Newsletter & Downloadable
37:31 – Google Spreadsheet Niche Site
42:03 – Mai Tai Niche Site

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