Niche Site U Episode #17: Getting More Niche Site Traffic With Less in 2014

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Niche Site Traffic

In the 17th episode of the Niche Site U Podcast, I discuss things you should do less of to get more traffic to your niche websites in 2014

Things To do Less of:


o   No keyword stuffing into your titles.

o   No more stuffing keywords into your meta data.

o   No keyword focused pages to trick google

o   No more keywords in your footer links or other site wide anchors.

  • Link Building

o   No more Spammy sites just for link building

o   No more guest posting just for the sake of it

    • Sites need to be quality
    • Don’t use My blog guest

o   No more public link exchanges

o   Most directories are dead!

o   Article submission sites are dead too

o   Link wheels are getting caught… so be careful with these.

o   Irrelevant links are bad

o   So are site wide links

o   No more Social bookmarking

o   Limit your anchor text.  Better off using your name, or website address these days.

  • Content

o   No more short articles.  500 word articles get less.  Use them for entertainment of your audience… not for SEO. Go for 2k or 3k words for SEO

o   Images need to be optimized now.  Alt text and image file names are a good place for relevant keywords.

o   This has been dead for years, but don’t use invisible text either!

o   Randomly linking to your old content just to have links.  Make sure it is relevant.

So what should you be doing?

Content Marketing

o   Quality matters.  The game has changed on how google ranks sites, and much of it is now based on user engagement with your site.  Make sure the content you deliver is engaging and share worthy.

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o   Get Social.  Im not a huge fan of useless updates on social media pages… so I honestly don’t do as much as I should.  But if you want to have success in 2014, you need to get social.

o   You must “Market” your content.   Don’t just write it and forget about it.

  • Tweet about your post
  • Post a link and image on Google Plus
    • Join relevant communities there
  • Post a link and image on FB
  • Post a link on your Linked In profile
  • Grab an image and post on image sharing sites like pinterest.
  • Depending on content… share on Stumble upon, reddit and tumblr
  • Send an email to friends, family and your list about the post.
  • Go back in your archives and find relevant posts… and then link to the new post from them.
  • Be Creative

o   Find creative ways to build links

  • Outreach to relevant sites
  • Broken Link Building
  • Guest posting on relevant sites
  • Donate to charities that offer links
  • Infographics (still work…)

o   Find out what content your users want

    • Use polls
    • Ask questions at the end of each post

o   Try other media methods

    • Podcasting
    • Video Blogging

o   Pretend Google doesn’t exist (gulp, the horror of that thought)

  • Improve your site everyday

o   Fix coding issues

o   Eliminate pages with no value

o   Add content to thin pages

o   Improve load times

o   Add value

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