Niche Site U Episode #15: Interview with Scott Fox

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The Niche Site U Podcast

In this episode of the Niche Site U Podcast I interview Scott Fox.

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Scott Fox Interview
Scott Fox Interview







Scott is the Founder of the popular lifestyle entrepreneur coaching community (Register using my name or Niche Site U for free registration) and Author of 3 books about creating the ideal lifestyle from your online efforts.

Scott is a “Click Millionaire” serial startup entrepreneur, executive, podcaster, and Author whose e-business strategy coaching helps solopreneurs, small business owners, and corporations make more money online.   We talk today about a number of topics, but my favorite is about how “the riches are in the niches”

Scott’s Forum: – Register using my name or Niche Site U for free registration

Scott’s books:


I apologize to Scott and the listeners, as my introduction of Scott and his background were cutoff in my recording.    For more about him… checkout his site

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