6 Reasons Your View On Sterling Is Dead Wrong!

First off, let me be very clear. There is no place for hate in this world!!  I’m also glad they kicked Sterling out of the NBA.

In the movie World War Z, they discuss a 10th man scenario for decision making.  It is very interesting.  It states that if 9 people agree on something, it is the job of the 10th man to choose the other side.  I LOVE THIS, and try to do it all the time.  That is the view I am taking here… in an effort to stir up some controversy 🙂

(Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images)

That said, here are a few reasons why I think the media (and the NBA) are handling this absolutely the wrong way!!

1. Media talking to the wrong people!!

Why the F&*# should I care what Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, or any other MULTI MILLIONAIRE employee of this guy has to say?  The media is talking to the wrong people.  Why isn’t the media interviewing the staff that takes tickets, sells programs, cleans the building, or any number of the low paid employees.

I mean really… is it that horrible for these guys? They get paid $5 million a year or more, and the only time they see Sterling is when he is ROOTING for them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities?

Stop your crying coaches and players!! You are EXTREMELY well compensated and MOST of the minorities in America would happily go to work for Mr. Sterling tomorrow for your salaries!!

I know I would!  Would you be willing to accept 5 million a year to work for him?

2. Has anyone realized who is girlfriend is?

Again, I feel his statements are extremely inappropriate and wrong, but he can’t hate minorities that much if he was dating one, right??

Have you actually listened to the audio tape?  She is clearly trying to get him to talk about it… and even has other people walking around the house while she does it!  He asks her repeatedly in the tape to stop talking about it.

And why the hell is she recording this again?  It would seem to me she had an agenda from the start!

Again… as I can’t stress this enough, there is still no excuse for his hatred, but it is his right to not like people… even if it is wrong.

Oh yeah, and she was also being sued by the Sterling family I think.

I don’t know the answer… are you allowed to record people without them knowing?  With the NBA using this recording as grounds for ban… will they face a lawsuit?

3. What about all the NAACP awards?

Did you know he was set to get the 2014 Humanitarian Award from the LA chapter of the NAACP?? 

He was also given a Humanitarian Award in 2008 and a President’s Award in 2009.  

The LA chapter is not going to honor him with the 2014 award… but isn’t rescinding the other two awards!!  

Last time I checked, they don’t just give these awards out for the fun of it.  You actually have to have a documented history of helping minorities.  

Mr. Sterling has a 10 year history as a prominent donor to the NAACP.  Cash, tickets, etc all have been given from him.  

How many KKK members have those awards?  Perhaps this is just an old confused man??  

4.  Have you listened to the tape unedited?

I will keep saying… he is wrong.

That said, when you listen to the tape, he says “I love minorities!”

To me, in between the racist views… it appears that he is more concerned with her being seen with Magic and others because it is his girlfriend/mistress, and not just about the color of the peoples skin.

He mentions that he is ok with her doing whatever she wants with them, including having sex… just so long as his girlfriend doesn’t post it on Instagram.

It sounds more like he is embarrassed that his girlfriend is posting pics of other men and his friends keep calling him about it.

She brings up Larry Bird, and asks if it would be ok to bring him.   Unfortunately there is no response there.  It would have been interesting to see his response.

5.  Why is the NBA fining him 2.5 Million bucks?

If the NBA wants to ban him, do it.  If they think he is horrible, say it!

But why are they fining him 2.5 million??

Because it is all about money to the NBA.

They were angry that they lost sponsorship money and they wanted to penalize him.  People have done far worse things in the NBA, and continue to be part of the league!

Ron Artest punches fans and goes into the stands… but is he kicked out?  Hmm… why not?  Oh, thats right, because it didn’t affect advertising dollars!!

Here is that video:

When a player goes into the stands and fights with the people PAYING to be there that provide the blanket of revenue the NBA sleeps under, there should be a ban, no?

Isn’t that just as bad of a role model?

Or is fighting and violence ok, but racism isn’t?  That seems kind of wacky, no?

6.  Doc Rivers isn’t white!!

Last I checked, the head coaching position of the Clippers is filled by a minority!!

Now, I might be a little slow… but isn’t that one of the most important jobs in a NBA franchise?

So this man, this racist, has given one of the most important jobs in his franchise to a minority?  Doesn’t that seem a little weird?

I mean, you have to trust and respect someone to give them the job over the many other WHITE qualified candidates, don’t you?

I didn’t bother to research this too much, but I’m pretty sure Rivers was also the HIGHEST PAID COACH in the NBA in 2012 at 7 million per year.  Not sure if he is still there or not.

While I think the NBA made the right decision banning him, I feel that the media is handling this all wrong.

The Clippers and their little protests… are a joke! If you don’t like your boss, quit!!  Go find work doing something else!

Why isn’t ESPN filling my tv screen with interviews of the peanut guys and ticket takers, and their horrible stories of how Mr. Sterling has been paying them so little, and making their lives so difficult?

Why are Jordan, Kareem, Shaq, Kevin Johnson, and all these others who aren’t involved given a platform to judge?  Shouldn’t someone be speaking about all the good things this jerk did for minorities?

Shouldn’t they also be asking themselves if they would be interviewed if they were white?  At what point is it ok to be used because of your race?

Final Question:

Even if he is an old racist bastard… which would you rather have in your community:

  • An old racist quack who gives tons of money to support minorities and never publicly displays his racism
  • Average Joe who loves people of all colors but never pulls his green out of his wallet to support them

I personally think that kids on welfare in the inner cities would happily swallow their pride to receive his donations.. and they should.  It appears the NAACP agrees, as they are very familiar with his history with discrimination concerns.

I hope you have enjoyed the opposing view here… let me know your feedback in the comments



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