Niche Site Review of (5 Tips to Learn From)

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This video is a complete review of a niche site. Thomas has built AutoLingual and he recently reached out to me to ask if I had some pointers and feedback for his site. He agreed to have his site reviewed here on my channel and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

In this video, we dive deep into keyword and topic research and we take a look at some of the articles on the site and take a good educated guess on their chances in Google.

We also look at things like site speed and WordPress themes where I have some ideas for Thomas to improve the score on Google Page Speed Insights.

The site is running X-theme and I think we can save some bandwidth by changing to a theme like Astra which I prefer these days. It’s a SUPER fast and light theme that does all the essential stuff you’d expect from a WordPress theme in 2020.

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