How Many Niche Sites Should I Manage?


It Depends!

I put together a video to address this question which was originally asked here by Doug Cunnington.  When building a niche site, you need to figure out what level of niche site builder you are.

There are 3 levels… perhaps more, but I just talk about 3.  Newbie, Veteran and Pro.  Which one are you?  Watch the video to see what I would call you.


It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. ~ Charles Spurgeon

Great quote, but in reality, it boils down to how much you can handle, and how much you can track.  Things that are important for me to track are rank, traffic, cost and of course… revenue.  If you can’t make a profit building niche websites, you need to research how to do it again.

Doug, who posed the initial question… has his response here:

I want guest posters!

I posted this the other day on G+, but in case you didn’t see it:

I was thinking that this Niche Site U site should be less of a single person perspective on niche sites… and that I should open it up to different points of view and information.

So, with that said, I would like to offer up the opportunity for guest posts if you are interested.  (feel free to let others know as well)

As far as topics, as long as it brings value, isn’t an obvious advertisement, and can help those building niche sites… there will be no restrictions.  Again, it has to be relevant to niche site builders, but no other restrictions.

See also  What Is A Niche Site? Niche Website Example

As far as links… please limit the links to your websites or those of others… but not affiliate links.  I don’t want this to be a sales pitch for products… just good usable information for nichers to implement.

Drop a comment below about how many niche sites you are managing right now.  If you are interested in guest posting… hit me up!


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