Treat Yo’self: Warm Holiday Wishes from Moz!

Posted by FeliciaCrawford

In almost the blink of an eye, 2016 is coming to a close. And yet as fast as it went, this year absolutely brims with memories. Now that we’re full-swing into the season of warm, fuzzy feelings and excruciatingly long lines at the store, the time is ripe to reflect back on all that’s passed. And in classic Internet fashion, what better way to reflect than with a quick quiz?

1. So, how are you feeling about this year’s wintry season (also known as Q4)?

A. Fantastic! I’ve been listening to Neil Diamond’s rendition of Walking in a Winter Wonderland since before Halloween. Pass the nog, please! ☃️

B. It’s been tough. I miss Prince and Bowie and Leonard Cohen. 2016 can’t end soon enough!

C. My inbox is full to bursting and I’ve yet to wrap up that big project. Can we tack on a couple extra weeks?

2. When was the last time you took a vacation, even if it was just a cozy weekend alone with a good book?

A. I’m on vacation this very instant, baby!

B. There’s a vague memory of sunlight and warmth, of laughter and joy… but the full picture eludes me. It’s been so long…

C. “Vay-cay-shun?” What is this strange tongue you speak, and why do you tease me so?

3. How did you spend your last day off?

A. Slept in ’til [time o’clock], poured myself a steaming mug of [favored beverage], and relaxed by binge-watching [latest season of original Netflix/HBO series].

B. Ran errands, did some chores, caught up on email — you know, everything I didn’t have time for during the workweek.

C. You’ve lapsed into that weird language again. Do you even realize you’re doing it?

4. When I say the word “traffic,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A. My “Greatest Hits of The Cars” album sitting neglected on the turntable. Time to dust it off — I feel a boogie coming on!

B. Crowded commutes and stressful driving conditions. Everybody and their mother is hogging the road this time of year.

C. Oh, please don’t say that word! My site’s holiday seasonality is giving me indigestion.

How’d you do? If you answered “B” or “C” to any of the questions above, we think you might need to hear a little holiday story…

Many thanks to our awesome video specialist, Michael Bird, our talented star, Rachel Moore, Sadie the Goldendoodle, and a smattering of fantastic Mozzer extras for this poignant vignette!

No matter your method of relaxation — be it eagerly awaiting Season 2 of Westworld, settling Catan with a few good friends, baking cookies with your niblings, or a twelfth reread of Harry Potter — we think you’ve earned yourself a breather. You work hard at what you do. You stuck with us through thick and thin this year, smiling and commenting and thumbs-up-ing all the way. We couldn’t be here without you, and so we insist: Soak in all the goodness this season has to offer and take a moment to treat yourself and those you love. You deserve it!

Happiest of holidays from Roger Mozbot and everyone at Moz!

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