I Tried Publishing 1,000 Blog Posts in 12 Months…Then This Happened…

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In this video, I share my big goal of 2022 was to publish 1,000 blog posts in just 1 year.

What would happen to NichePursuits.com if I went “all in” and hired more than 20 writers and multiple editors?

In this video, I’ll share exactly how much traffic my site is now getting (including lots of screen shares!). Spoiler alert…my traffic from Google increased by 585%!

In addition, I share the exact 7 strategies I followed to grow my traffic.
0:00 Deciding to Go All In
1:15 Traffic Growth in 12 Months
4:00 Step 1: Clean Up Old Content
5:58 Step 2: Restructure Your Site
8:41 Step 3: Create a Professional Looking Website
9:37 Step 4: Standardize Publishing Processes
13:03 Step 5: Publish TONS of New Content
14:47 Step 6: Update Content Regularly
16:16 Step 7: Optimize Site to Make More Money
17:44 Something Special
18:26 Conclusion

Finally, I also share exactly how much money NichePursuits.com is making from Mediavine display ads!

Overall, you’ll learn very specific SEO strategies that you can use to implement and grow your own website.

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