This Simple “GLOVE” Niche Site Makes $2700+/pm With Amazon Affiliate Marketing (EP 1)

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Today I break down a niche site that is making well over $2700 per month with Amazon affiliate.

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Today in episode 1, you get a complete breakdown of an Amazon affiliate website that makes well into the five figures, year over year.

This site is in the weirdest niche you could think of and is driving traffic like there’s no tomorrow!

The idea of this series is that you can see what’s working in the market, and then take those strategies and apply them to your own sites for success.

Don’t take my word for it though! Get stuck into the video and start learning how you can ramp up your success from emulating these successful niche sites.

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This Simple "GLOVE" Niche Site Makes $2700+/pm With Amazon Affiliate Marketing (EP 1) by

Adam Roseland is a blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur who also owns a digital marketing firm called 814 Interactive. Adam has been working in the advertising industry for the past 15+ years primarily in the digital space for advertising agencies, has built hundreds of niche sites.