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In vlog #9 I show you step by step how to create an affiliate niche site that will bring in $500 a month.


Learn about my “3 step, boring approach to starting a business” in The Desk Video: />

The steps to building a niche site that we cover in the video:

Step #1: Write out as many niche site ideas as you can, using your interests as a starting point.

Step #2: Narrow down niche based on the following criteria:

-Wide array of products you can review and discuss
-Higher price, lower volume
-Are there affiliate programs with good commissions?
-Are people currently making money?
-Could you write 100 articles on the topic?

More on Choosing a Niche:
Step #3: Setup your site using this tutorial:

Step #4: Start creating content. Here’s a good outline to get you going:
-Write 5 articles reviewing 5 of the most popular items in your niche
-Write 3 in depth tutorials on your niche (How to _______)
-Write 3 list posts

Step #5: Sign up for affiliate programs relating to your niche

Step #6: Do keyword research to find 5-10 of the best key terms/products to try and rank for

Step #7: Install Yoast SEO for WordPress and do on site SEO for all posts and pages. Also review “The Backlinking Strategy that Works.” Some of this borders on the spammy realm, but pick and choose what you like. I used a lot of these general concepts when I got going with my first niche site.

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Step #8: Create a list of friends and colleagues to email and tell about your new site

Step #9: Setup social media for the site: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Step #10: Make a list of all large blogs and syndicated publications you’d want to be featured on

Step #12: Start contacting previously listed blogs and websites offering guest posts or story ideas

Step #13: Create a high quality pdf or email series to collect email addresses. Add to site.

Step #14: Repeat Steps 4 and 12, while continuing to build your social media channels and links for SEO.

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