Easiest Way to Make REAL Money With Niche Sites (in 2020)

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We all want to make passive income online from our niche sites and authority sites. But what’s the EASIEST way to do it?

Here are the easiest ways to monetize your websites today. I share my best tips and numbers so you can see exactly how I earn money passively from my sites.

I do a mix of ads and affiliate income from my niche sites and a 50/50 mix is what I strive for.

Ads are extremely passive when you get them set up right but we need to mix the income with affiliate income in order to monetize our websites well. It’s important to diversify and not go all-in on only Amazon affiliate offers. I like to focus more on ShareASale and Commission Junction to make sure I diversify as much as possible.

Down the line, I add info products when the website has matured and gained some momentum in Google.

The other videos I mention in the video:
EZOIC tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn50sph1fUM />Ranking without backlinks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPSR3tqiyZo />
http://ezoic.com?tap_a=6182-5778c2&tap_s=374987-d8752a (affiliate link)
ShareASale: http://shrsl.com/23crf (affiliate link)
Commission Junction: https://www.cj.com

Check out the tools I use:

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