The Anatomy of a $1k Per Month Niche Website (CASE STUDY)

Learn how this website is making $1,200 a month from a combination of running Ezoic ads as well as participating in the Amazon Associates program. 🔔 Subscribe? Subscribe! – A

This website is making money in three main ways that you need to understand before starting your own website and blog:

1- The majority of the content is out sourced and is a nice combination of product oriented content, shareable list content and content that answers questions.

Again, the goal is to create a helpful and useful resource. Provide value and the money will follow.

2 – Ezoic Ads

Ezoic is a good entry level ad program that performs way better than simply running Google Adsense on your website.

Ezoic allows you to have multiple ad positions on your website. All you need to do is sign up, get approved and copy in past Ezoic short code into your blog’s footer or header.

3- Amazon Associates

The most popular affiliate program in the world. For product oriented websites with an American audience you’re CRAZY not to be using Amazon Associates.

🚀 Ezoic Ads – make money with display advertising for your website:
Sign up with Ezoic for a machine learning ad network: c

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► Create a website that can make money with Amazon Associates and display advertising

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