Should You Make Many Niche Sites or Focus on One Big Authority Site?

Should you build one big authority site or many small niche sites? A real questions I’ve been asked and it’s wrong on so many levels. People assume “niche” to mean small and fly by night and authority to mean a big, proper website that will take 2+ year before you start getting any traffic.

I have no idea who thinks they are going to build 3 or 4 small niche websites with 10 pages of content and make and real money. Money is a function of value. Provide value by creating the best content possible and serving your visitors as best as possible.

So, yes you can build and own multiple websites. A website has two inputs, content and links. You will need to develop a process to get content. If you’re in a very competitive niche then you will need links. This is why everyone talks about the proverbial “low hanging fruit” type niche. Because if you can find an under-served topic then no link building will be required, or at the very least it will help super charge your sites authority.

So it’s up to you. Focus your efforts and build out a website on a competitive topic where money is to be made but you’ll need to spend your resources on content and link building, or go for a less competitive topic where the money is less but the only input is getting content.

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