Niche Site Cage Fight Income Report (Month 17)

It’s the month 17 blogging income report of the Niche Site Cage Fight. There’s been a lot of “niche site”….but not too much “cage fight.” You’ve been asking about how the site is doing, and now here it is!

Here’s the link my entire Niche Site Cage Fight Video series: />
Here’s my personal blog: /

Here’s the link to my MIGA Case Study series (site started in January of 2021): />
If your site is small and you want to try out Ezoic via ACCESS NOW, use my link! Ezoic affiliates get 3% of the earnings of the publisher they refer. I use Ezoic on three of my sites and if you follow my channel you know I only recommend that people sign up or use products that I have experience using: />
Here’s the link to my Amazon Resources Page with the products that I currently use in my business (changes all the time): r

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