Micro Niche Finder


Micro Niche Finder is an awesome SEO keyword research tool that allows you to uncover lucrative keyword niches and then tailor your web page or blog article to that niche in order to pull in buyers who are searching for these keywords daily on Google and elsewhere. Search Engine Optimization is something that you have to do to your site if you have any chance of your content actually being seen by others. Micro niche Finder, or MNF for short, is a great keyword tool that is well supported and has a one time fee vs the monthly fees that the others utilize. You buy it once then you own it. I have owned it since 2009 and am very happy that it is well supported and kept updated.

I made this video to show just a small set of the actual SEO search features. It has lots of other features but I wanted to keep it short and to the most needed SEO keyword research features.

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