ChatGPT vs Jasper AI: Which is Best for Blogging? Best AI Writing?

Ever since ChatGPT launched on Nov 30, 2022, the news has gone wild, publishing new stories every day about this revolutionary tool. But does it live up to the hype? What about ChatGPT vs Jasper AI, the leading AI content writer on the market? Today, I break down which tool is the best AI writer for blogging and long-form content.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Jasper and some of the tools I talk about in this video, and there are affiliate links in this description box, which means if you make a purchase after clicking on one, I may earn a commission.

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0:00 | Introduction
1:41 | What’s the Difference Between ChatGPT and Jasper AI?
2:47 | My Comparison Method
3:47 | Idea Generation
4:45 | Creating a Blog Post (No Outline)
6:15 | Creating an Extended Blog Post (With Outline)
7:45 | Testing Tone and Engagement (Introductory Paragraph)
8:47 | Length and Accuracy
10:17 | AI Detection Test
13:05 | Comparing Features
15:01 | Final Tally and Conclusion

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