Best Affiliate Niches in 2022 (Backed By Data)

Find out, once and for all, what are the best affiliate niches on the planet. I teamed up with Empire Flippers and crunched the numbers from 300+ affiliate SEO sites to break down the top niches…

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Big thanks to Empire Flippers for making this data study possible:

What you’ll find out in this video…

00:00 Intro
00:12 Sourcing the data
00:49 What we looked at
02:00 Which niche makes the most money?
04:41 Which niche has the best content ROI?
06:38 Which niche has the best backlink ROI?
07:41 Which niche has the best time ROI?
08:32 Interesting graphs
10:05 Affiliate vs Amazon Affiliate vs Display Ads
12:54 What is the best affiliate niche overall?

The 5 Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs:

The Affiliate Lab course:


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