Is It Too Late To Start Building Niche Sites? Podcast Episode #3

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Is It Too Late To Start Building Niche SitesAre All The Good Niches Taken?

Of course it’s not too late to start!! There are plenty of people, not just me, that are making money in this industry.

People have been building niche sites, chasing the passive income dream for well over 8 years now, and have filled up the web with a ton of junk.  The main reason it is not too late to start building niche sites is that Big G has used Panda and Penguin to actually clear away all the useless content sites out there and made it even easier for you to rank for quality content.

Please note what I said there… easy to rank for quality content.  If you are like me, then you know the best and easiest way to make money from your website is for you to produce something of value.  Only sites with value will outlast the cleansing that G is doing right now… and those that are just spewing out sites with broken sentences and that barely cover the topic aside from jamming the keywords into the content, well, they will be like Jersey Shore.  Did well, but gone now!

I know there are a lot of people out there that hate niches site building, because they feel that we are filling up the web with useless websites just to make money.  Not true!  Yes, we obviously want to make money for what we are doing, but I wouldn’t say we are anywhere nearly as bad as what tv producers did with jersey shore and those knuckle heads.  They were a mess, and yes, they were funny… but they did nothing of true value.  And eventually, that gets old.  So does bad content.  Just make sure you create win win situations for you and your readers.  And it’s very easy to get started building sites.

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How Can I Make Sure My Sites Stay Ranked?

If you want your site to make money now, and keep making money 5 years from now, you are going to need to give it some love and attention.  Don’t just put out 5 articles that aren’t important and call it a day.  The key to success for those that survived the P&P updates and that will continue to survive through the zombie apocalypse are sites that were built to last.

A good quality niche website should have a minimum of 15 articles.  15 articles of true value.  Not 15 articles that can be used by people today as well as tomorrow.  And it shouldn’t stop there.  Obviously if you aren’t making any money, then by all means, set the website free.  Pull the plug and let it wither away.  But if you are beginning to make money from your website, or getting a ton of traffic from it, then why wouldn’t you want to keep adding to it?

If you look at the most successful authority sites out there, they almost all started as a niche site at some point.  Eventually they created their own brand that surrounded them.  Even Apple Computer began as a “niche” industry that many people had no interest in and thought wouldn’t last.

Bottom line, to make sure you stay in the SERP’s, you need to play by G’s rules right now… and the best way to do that is to provide value.  If you only have time or money for 15 articles now, thats fine.  But next week or month, try to write another article.  Invest your time in your niche.  Visit other sites in your niches community and create a presence for yourself and your site.  Trust me, people will eventually take interest if your content is worthwhile.  And the search engines pay attention to what websites people are spending time with.

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Do you think its too late?

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