Starting a Niche Website From Scratch [MIGA SITE Month 3]

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I started a new niche website from scratch in January 2021! Every time I start a new site, I have a new wealth of knowledge to apply to it. I’ve been working so hard over the past three years to learn and get better, which sometimes involves failed projects and wrong turns. In each case study, I try and document my progress month on month (or even more) to make sure I can remember when I did and when. My goal is to narrow in on what works best for me, so that I can repeat the process more easily in the future.

Here’s the link to the video series if you want to go back to the beginning: />
If you want to try out Ezoic, use my link! Ezoic affiliates get 3% of the earnings of the publisher they refer. I use Ezoic on two of my sites and if you follow my channel you know I only recommend that people sign up or use products that I have experience using: />
If you want to check out my videos about using Ezoic, here’s the playlist: />
On my second youtube channel, I do livestreams (solo and with others) to talk about niche websites, side hustles, startups, entrepreneurship, quitting day jobs, lots of fun stuff. Come and check it out!

My podcast is mostly interviews with like minded people (those who want to build non-traditional income streams):

MIGA spreadsheet:

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