Living in a Broken-Down Sailboat and Blogging = $30k Per Month

We got a true dose of inspiration for you today.

Founder of The Wayward Home, Kristin Hanes joins the Niche Pursuits podcast this week to share with host Jared ( her amazing story:
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How she started her blog with no prior knowledge of website building and living in a broken-down sailboat to now running a successful online business.

Implementing SEO strategies and updating old posts, Kristin saw a significant increase in traffic, reaching 120,000 page views per month by May 2019. She continued to publish new content while updating old articles, and her website’s traffic grew to 300,000 monthly page views by the summer of 2019.

Kristin attributes her success to her focus on SEO, improved writing skills, and targeting low-competition keywords in her niche. Currently, The Wayward Home generally earns between $25,000 to 30,000 per month and has an average of 400,000 monthly page views.

Additionally, being quoted in major media publications has provided valuable backlinks to her blog. Kristin is also experimenting with AI-generated content on a new niche site, exploring innovative ways to expand her online presence.

Kristin’s passion for helping others live a nomadic lifestyle is evident through her blog and social media channels. She offers resources and support to those interested in this lifestyle.

Overall, Kristin’s journey from starting a blog with no prior knowledge to building a successful online business is a testament to her dedication, strategic approach, and passion for helping others embrace a nomadic lifestyle.

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Topics Kristin Hanes Covers:
– Going from radio news reporter to blogging
– Living on a fixer-upper sailboat in the Bay Area of San Francisco
– How she turned her first site into a success
– Starting the site with interviews
– Canonical links
– Reaching Mediavine in the first 6 months
– Importance of taking courses and continuous learning
– Info vs affiliate content
– Social media strategies then and now
– How much traffic she gets
– How and when she started to focus on SEO
– Her SEO success
– Her monetization breakdown
– Email marketing strategies
– Her team’s content process
– Her longtail keyword research process
– Getting interviewed and linked in media
And a whole lot more!

Links & Resources:
The Wayward Home – Campervans | RVs | Tiny Homes | Sailboats – /
NicheSites Made Easy Online Course – e
Van Life Free Starter Kit – /
The Wayward Home Podcast – /
The Wayward Home on Instagram – e
The Wayward Home on YouTube – e
Stupid Simple SEO – o
Hire the best Filipino employees and virtual assistants the Philippines has to offer! ( – /
Surfer SEO – o
Ahrefs – /
KoalaWriter – a
Kristin’s inspiration: Making Sense Of Cents who did an awesome interview with us here: How Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Financial Advice Earned Her $5 Million – /

00:00 – Intro
04:10 – Kristin’s Background
09:10 – Starting & Growing The Site
20:10 – Current Income & Traffic
21:20 – Her Most Effective Strategies
25:25 – Her Initial SEO Growth
31:20 – Income Breakdown
34:32 – Email Newsletter
38:50 – Site Content
43:25 – Keyword Research
49:10 – Link Building
51:30 – AI Content

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