Jasper 10 Min Demo ✍️ How Jasper.ai Works

Jasper is an AI assistant that can write marketing copy for you. But how does it work? Is the quality good?

In this video, learn how Jasper works and see exactly how to write ads, emails, and blog content with artificial intelligence.

Jasper will help you break through writer’s block to come up with fresh ideas and complete your first draft 5X faster.

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Jump to chapters:
1:27 – Starter Plan Templates
1:55 – Facebook Ad for Gym
3:07 – Boss Mode
3:21 – Email for Real Estate Agent
4:49 – Blog post for Dentist
6:25 – SEO mode with Surfer
7:12 – Plagiarism checker with Copyscape
8:22 – Comparing the two plans
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