How To Make AI Videos With Pictory – Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

In this video, I’ll reveal the secret to using new A.I. tools like Pictory and Chat GPT to create videos that bring in recurring commissions through YouTube. I’ll be focusing on the Amazon affiliate program, but these strategies can be applied to any affiliate program.

The best thing about this method is that your channel doesn’t need to be monetized for you to start making money. That means you could make money from your very first video.

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*I only really use the Keyword Explorer, and the free plan is good enough for that.

🎤 Murf – J
*Using premium voiceover tools like Murf will help your channel get monetized in the future. YouTube doesn’t like poor-sounding AI voiceovers and may reject your channel from being monetized. You can also use Synthesys or record your own voice!

📚 Chapters
0:00 – What You’ll Be Learning
0:58 – Product Research
2:40 – Script (Chat GPT)
4:57 – Video (Pictory)
7:46 – Meta Data

Full Chat GPT Tutorial – />
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Earnings: While I have worked hard to achieve the results in this video, they may not be typical. Your own results could be more or less. I cannot guarantee any specific outcomes.

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