How To Build a $1.6M Content Website In 12 Months With Mark Mars


How would you like to start an online business and within 12 months be earning $40,000 per month?

Mark Mars from Niche Website Builders helped start and build a client’s content website that is now worth $1.6M and makes $40,000 per month in passive income. Mark and I sit down over a podcast to talk about how they did it.

We discuss their Tomb Raiding SEO strategy for content creation for niche websites. This SEO strategy helps them with their keyword research and allows them to rank for higher keywords with the content they create. We also talk about when you should build backlinks for your website, what type of backlinks to build and how to build them,

This is an incredibly valuable podcast, if you own a content website you would be crazy to miss this, tune in by watching the video above!

Episode Highlights

00:00 What you’ll learn in this episode
05:00 $0 online to building a $1.6M business in 12 months making $40K per month
10:30 How to grow a content website from $500 to $1,000 per month
15:30 When should you start building backlinks for a content website
16:15 Tomb raiding SEO & keyword research Mark & Niche Website Builders use
21:30 How much content should you publish to make over $1000 per month
24:45 How much content should you publish (minimum per year)
27:00 Setting yourself up for success by backing a winning horse
30:45 What stage to start focusing on building your DR (Domain Rating)

About The Guest

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With a passion to lend a helping hand to affiliate marketers, Mark Mars co-founded Niche Website Builders in 2019. The primary goal of the company is to assist individuals in building profit-generating content pages. Being in the IT industry since 1997 and working for Microsoft as a Senior Application Development Consultant for almost ten years, Mark will surely help you get results!

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