How Kevin Espiritu Grew His Gardening Niche Site from $400/Month To an 8-Figure Per Year Brand

Would you like some killer tips for turning a niche site into a big brand capable of withstanding Google updates, an AI apocalypse, and whatever else may come?

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is the perfect mentor.
Kevin started a gardening niche site following The Authority Site System (TASS) course. By the end of 2016, he was making $4-5k a month from ads and affiliates on his blog.

He wisely branched out into YouTube and social channels to diversify his traffic sources.

And over time he grew a community of loyal brand followers and got into selling products.

Kevin has grown an incredible brand and 8-figure-a-year business, dominating the gardening niche in many significant ways.
Today he highlights the power of thinking big and how to make it work.
Hope you enjoy!

Topics Kevin Espiritu Covers
* How he went full-time with Epic Gardening
* He he quickly multiplied his affiliate earnings
* Dominating the gardening niche on social channels
* Repurposing content for different channels
* Building out a process
* Writing a book
* Buying a site and redirecting it
* How he started selling products
* What he learned from selling products
* Scaling his team
* Brand building tips for site owners
* Plans for the future
* Thoughts on digital products
* Thinking big
* And a whole lot more…

Links & Resources
* Epic Gardening: Simple, Practical Gardening Tips – /
* Kevin Espiritu (Plant Daddy) (@KevinEspiritu) / Twitter – u
* Botanical Interests High Quality Seeds and Garden Products – /
* The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker – m

00:00 – Intro
06:20 – Kevin’s Background
11:30 – How He Scaled
14:05 – Epic Gardening Today
22:20 – Repurposing Content
28:55 – Finding His Business Model
38:15 – eCommerce Journey
42:40 – Juggling Roles
46:00 – Tips For Site Owners
49:20 – Brand Building
52:00 – eCommerce Advice

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