How Jon Dykstra Earns $100k Per Month From His SEO-Powered Niche Sites

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Jon Dykstra from Jon is a popular figure due to his expert knowledge and ability to make substantial monthly profits from niche blogs. His monthly income report for last month was around the $100k mark.

The former lawyer first appeared on the podcast in 2020, dropping valuable information and tips about niche site creation. Today, he’s back with more advice and tips for those looking to replicate his success.

The conversation details general topics of building niche websites in addition to some new issues and topics. Jon advises about updating content, the process he uses on his largest website, and how he is future-proofing his websites to protect his earnings. Moreover, Jon shares his content publishing calendar and details how this blends in with his updating process.

Jared (our host) asks a great question about when it’s best to sell websites compared to keeping them, which leads to an interesting reply from Jon. He shares how he approaches this with his portfolio of twenty websites.

The interview details the nitty-gritty of website creation, including keyword research, backlinks, and various other related topics, such as monetization and topical authority.

Other Topics Discussed:
* When to diversify and add websites
* One large website vs multiple sites
* Expenses and why he sees it more as an investment
* Content creation and taking it to the next level
* Outsourcing
* How he manages twenty websites
* Haro Links
* What the Mediavine rep said about the biggest earners
* User experience with ad placements
* Does he cluster topics?
* His Keywords research methods
* Keeping it simple with themes and logo
* Plus more

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As the interview evolves, the topic of monetization comes up with a particular focus on display ads. Jon provides tips and advice on Mediavine and Ezoic and how he deals with ad placements to maximize revenue. He also discusses the future of display ads concerning the upcoming third-party cookie changes.

Towards the end of the interview, Jon shares his thoughts on affiliate marketing and details the purpose of his flagship course and how it can benefit those looking to build profitable niche websites.

Once again, it’s another excellent episode where note-taking is recommended. As always, enjoy the interview.

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