How Grady Hudd Grew His Niche Site to $9k Per Month in Just 2 Years Without Any SEO Experience

Are you ready for an inspiring story of determination, experimentation, and growth?

In our latest Niche Pursuits podcast episode, we’re excited to have Grady share his incredible journey of building a profitable niche site with zero SEO experience while juggling a full-time job.
Grady’s journalism background brings unique insights into the website building and writing process but his website had a slow start. Luckily it eventually skyrocketed to 170,000 page views and a whopping $9,000 a month (Australian)!

He gets into the specifics of his keyword research strategy for selecting winning keywords using Google search.

But he also gets into some of the challenges he’s faced.
Grady’s website operates in a highly seasonal niche, so he’s had to navigate the challenges of fluctuating traffic and revenue.

Plus, as an Australian running a hobby niche site monetized with ads, Grady targets regions like the US, Canada, and the UK. He delves into the pros and cons of targeting different markets and how to approach it successfully. If you’re considering expanding your website’s reach or building a new site for a specific region, Grady’s insights will be indispensable.

And beyond the practical lessons, this episode is a testament to Grady’s enthusiasm and followthrough. His story is relatable and inspiring and will leave you eager to tackle your own website-building journey with renewed energy and determination to succeed.

So be sure to listen in on another jam-packed episode filled with valuable insights, battle-tested wisdom, and heaps of motivation!

Topics Grady Hudd Covers
* His journalism background
* How he got into niche sites
* Importance of starting
* How he chose his niche
* The alphabet soup keyword research method
* Advantages of knowing your niche
* Revenue split
* How long it took to make money
* Trying out different monetization methods
* Seasonal niches
* Targeting different countries
* Goals for next 12 months
* When to start a new site

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00:00 – Intro
05:30 – Grady’s Background
09:20 – Getting Started With Niche Sites
12:20 – His Current Setup
20:00 – Niche Selection
25:50 – Content Creation Process
29:20 – Monetization
42:20 – Seasonality
49:33 – Future Plans
52:00 – Link Building
55:45 – Deciding to Start a New Site

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