Building a Public Niche Site – Week 1: Content and Layout

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This is just to recap week one on the website and the progress in writing along with the changes to the front page and progress accomplished in this week.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Describing Rebuilt Homepage with Elementor Pro
4:45 Most People Find Blog Posts Not the Homepage
5:38 Spreadsheet for Tracking
7:40 Discussing SERP Intent
9:45 Amazon Monetization Concerns
10:29 Discussing Other Niches and Building Silos
12:40 Information Products (Looks to Be the Best Case in Niche)
14:50 Discuss Competition Tab and How I Use It
16:25 Affiliate Tab Discussion
17:12 YouTube Discussion
19:30 Posts To Work On In WordPress
20:54 Google Search Console (Early Days)
21:39 Google Analytics (Early Days)

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