CoinLedger Pricing review

Hey there! Looking for an easy and efficient way to calculate your crypto taxes? Look no further than CoinLedger Pricing – the #1 Free Crypto Tax Software. With CoinLedger, you can import your transactions from wallets and exchanges, and let our platform handle the rest. It calculates your gains and losses for all your crypto activities, from trading to staking to NFTs. The best part? Generating your tax report is as simple as clicking a button. But that’s not all – CoinLedger also offers free portfolio tracking and international support, making tax reporting a breeze. As an official TurboTax Partner, you can directly import your CoinLedger reports into various tax platforms. Thousands of investors have already praised our platform and customer service. Don’t miss out on potential tax savings – sign up now and start managing your crypto taxes with ease, completely free of charge. No credit card required, no obligations. Time to claim your tax-savings today with CoinLedger!

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Why Consider This Product?

Tax season can be a stressful time, especially for crypto investors. However, with CoinLedger Pricing, you can say goodbye to the headache of calculating your crypto taxes. Here are two reasons why you should consider this product:

  1. Easy and Convenient Tax Calculation: CoinLedger simplifies the process of calculating your crypto taxes. By importing your transaction history from your wallets and exchanges, the platform automatically calculates your gains and losses for all your crypto activities. Whether you’ve been trading, staking, or dealing with NFTs, CoinLedger has got you covered. With just a few simple steps, you can generate your tax report with a click of a button.

  2. Free Portfolio Tracking: In addition to tax calculation, CoinLedger also offers free portfolio tracking. This feature allows you to keep track of your crypto investments and monitor their performance. With a close eye on your portfolio, you can make informed decisions and maximize your crypto gains.

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Tax Calculation

Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations. CoinLedger’s platform automatically calculates your gains and losses in real-time, making tax reporting a breeze. With accurate and up-to-date calculations, you can ensure compliance with tax regulations and claim all eligible deductions.

International Support

CoinLedger understands that crypto investors are spread across the globe. That’s why our platform offers international support, allowing you to generate your crypto gains, losses, and income reports in any currency. No matter where you are, tax reporting becomes hassle-free with CoinLedger Pricing.

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TurboTax Partnership

As an official TurboTax Partner, CoinLedger enables seamless integration with popular tax platforms such as TurboTax Online, TurboTax Desktop, and TaxAct. This partnership ensures a smooth and efficient tax reporting process, as you can directly import your CoinLedger reports into these platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

CoinLedger takes pride in its user-friendly interface. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. Even if you’re new to crypto taxes, CoinLedger’s user-friendly interface will guide you through the process effortlessly.

Product Quality

CoinLedger has earned a reputation for its high-quality product. Thousands of crypto investors have already entrusted their tax reporting to CoinLedger and have been delighted with the results. Our platform operates with speed and efficiency, providing users with accurate calculations and reliable reports. We constantly strive to improve our product, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality.

What It’s Used For

Simplify Tax Reporting

CoinLedger Pricing is primarily used to simplify the process of tax reporting for crypto investors. By importing your transaction history and utilizing its powerful algorithms, CoinLedger accurately calculates your gains and losses. This saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your investment journey.

Monitor Portfolio Performance

CoinLedger’s free portfolio tracking feature is an invaluable tool for crypto investors. It allows you to monitor the performance of your crypto investments and make informed decisions. By keeping a close eye on your portfolio, you can identify trends, analyze performance, and optimize your investment strategy.

Ensure Compliance

Cryptocurrency tax regulations are complex and ever-changing. CoinLedger ensures compliance by providing accurate tax calculations and generating comprehensive reports. With CoinLedger, you can have confidence in meeting your tax obligations and avoid potential penalties or audits.

Streamline Tax Filing

By seamlessly integrating with tax platforms like TurboTax, CoinLedger streamlines the tax filing process. The direct import of CoinLedger reports eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the chances of errors. With CoinLedger, you can file your taxes efficiently and with ease.

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Product Specifications

Here are some key specifications of CoinLedger Pricing:

Specification Details
Pricing Free
Supported Platforms Web-based
Transaction Import Wallets and exchanges
Cryptocurrency Support All major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.)
Portfolio Tracking Free
Integration TurboTax Online, TurboTax Desktop, TaxAct
Customer Support Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable

Who Needs This

CoinLedger Pricing is indispensable for any crypto investor who wants to streamline their tax reporting process. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, CoinLedger’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features can benefit you. If you want to save time, ensure compliance, and optimize your crypto tax reporting, CoinLedger is the solution for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy and convenient tax calculation
  • Free portfolio tracking feature
  • International support for multiple currencies
  • Seamless integration with TurboTax and other tax platforms
  • User-friendly interface and fast performance
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support


  • Limited functionality for advanced traders
  • May require additional manual adjustments in certain cases
  • Some users may prefer more customization options


  1. Is CoinLedger Pricing really free? Yes, CoinLedger Pricing is completely free to get started. There are no hidden fees or obligations. You can utilize the platform’s essential features without having to provide credit card information.

  2. Can I import my transaction history from multiple wallets and exchanges? Absolutely! CoinLedger allows you to import your transaction history from multiple wallets and exchanges. This ensures that you have a comprehensive overview of your crypto activities and accurate tax calculations.

  3. How does CoinLedger integrate with tax platforms like TurboTax? CoinLedger is an official TurboTax Partner, which means you can directly import your CoinLedger reports into TurboTax Online, TurboTax Desktop, and TaxAct. This integration simplifies the tax filing process by eliminating manual data entry.

  4. What if I need help or have questions? CoinLedger provides responsive and knowledgeable customer support. Whether you have questions about using the platform or need assistance with complex tax situations, our support team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

What Customers Are Saying

“I was dreading the crypto tax season, but CoinLedger made it a breeze. The platform is so easy to use, and the tax calculation was accurate. I saved so much time!” – John S.

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“I love the free portfolio tracking feature. It helps me keep track of my crypto investments and make better decisions. CoinLedger is a must-have for any crypto investor.” – Sarah H.

“CoinLedger’s integration with TurboTax saved me so much hassle. No more manual data entry! I highly recommend CoinLedger for seamless tax filing.” – Mark T.

Overall Value

CoinLedger Pricing offers incredible value to crypto investors. With its easy-to-use platform, comprehensive tax calculations, and free portfolio tracking feature, CoinLedger simplifies the complex world of crypto taxes. By ensuring compliance and streamlining the tax reporting process, CoinLedger saves you time, reduces stress, and maximizes your potential tax savings. And the best part? It’s completely free to get started.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Keep your transaction history updated: Regularly import your transactions from your wallets and exchanges to ensure accurate tax calculations and portfolio tracking.

  2. Consult a tax professional if needed: While CoinLedger provides a user-friendly interface and accurate calculations, it’s always a good idea to consult a tax professional if you have complex tax situations or doubts.

  3. Take advantage of portfolio tracking: Use the free portfolio tracking feature to monitor your crypto investments’ performance and make informed decisions.

  4. Stay informed about tax regulations: Keep yourself updated with the latest tax regulations and guidelines related to cryptocurrencies. CoinLedger strives to stay up-to-date with changes in tax laws, but staying informed is always beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

CoinLedger Pricing is the #1 Free Crypto Tax Software designed to simplify the tax reporting process for crypto investors. With its easy-to-use platform, accurate calculations, and free portfolio tracking feature, CoinLedger ensures compliance, streamlines tax filing, and maximizes potential tax savings. CoinLedger is trusted by thousands of investors, and its partnership with TurboTax adds further convenience to the tax reporting process.

Final Recommendation

Don’t let the stress of crypto taxes ruin your investment experience. Claim your tax-savings today with CoinLedger Pricing. Sign up now for free and enjoy the benefits of effortless tax reporting and portfolio tracking. With CoinLedger, tax season becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your crypto investments.

Learn more about the CoinLedger Pricing   here.

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